Everything You Need to Know about an Online Casino Bonus

Online casinos, due to their virtual presence, never have the option of giving comps to player like land-based casinos have. Now for a land-based casino, these comps are one strategic way to keep customer loyalty, such as offers of cocktail food, alcohol and discounted rooms. But in the case of online casinos, these internet gaming sites compensate by giving bonuses to their players.

Bonuses are then the online counterpart of comps. An online casino bonus can come in the form of a sign-up, reload and other “online” freebies.

Sign-up Bonus This online casino bonus is an important tool that attracts many clients to play at a particular gaming web site. Due to the thousands of competitors in the internet gaming industry, a lucrative sign-up bonus is usually a determinant of market edge. Hence, players who hunt on their first online casino would find themselves bombarded with different offers.

This type of online casino bonus can be either a match-up bonus or a no deposit bonus. A match-up bonus matches your initial deposit, and the match percentage can range from 50 to 100 percent. Meanwhile, a no deposit bonus benefits the first-time player who can instantly expect an amount credited in his account as soon as he signs up in that online casino.

Reload Bonus This online casino bonus is rewarded based on customer loyalty. An online casino usually measures a customer’s loyalty through his account duration and the activeness of that account. The amount of reload bonus will depend on many factors, such as wagered amounts and seniority through the age of the account.

Usually, this reloaded online casino bonus is paid through the online casino’s preferred payout system. For instance, a player should expect these bonuses to be paid through specific banks that the online casino operators prefer.

“Online” Freebies Online freebies are given depending on the games that you engage in an online casino. Instead of direct cash deposits, you are given free spins if you play in the slot machines or roulettes, or free bingo cards in online bingo halls. Usually, these online freebies are irreplaceable with cash, meaning the players will really have to take advantage of the offer at the very moment it is given.

A player’s membership does not automatically make him eligible for bonus, because there might be some terms and conditions he needs to satisfy. Whenever a player wants to avail each online casino bonus, he or she should notify the website operators. A player also has the right to refuse the bonus if he finds the requirements beyond his comfortable level.

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