The Role of the US Government In the Gambling Industry


The industry for gamblers in United States of America is traceable to the early years of America. This industry has still been apart of the history of this country. Most of the lotteries started their business from New Hampshire. The original beginnings of the earliest gamblers of America come from some of the Indians who first inhabited the lands. They played some games as past time and for their entertainment. They soon combined them with money thus the winner gets the money.

Today gambling transactions are in terms of millions. This industry has become another main source for income for the government of United States. The internet has even given the industry a boost because it made gambling more accessible and made the games more popular. The revenue gained from the casino industries are in huge amounts making the country richer. Casinos are all over United States and each one proves to be profitable through the years which made gambling not only limited to Nevada. These days this industry is rising and increasing in numbers in more places in America.

Most of the casinos in most states came up with another system to provide all the needs of the gamblers or players. They are setting up new casinos with the hotel where the people can stay and with restaurants. There are even some that can serve the children with their small theme parks. Trips to these casinos have become a family trip where each family member can enjoy.

A commission for these gambling businesses was formed to make rules and enforce them. The government always makes sure the businesses run operations in a legal fashion. These governing bodies ensure that every business for gambling is accountable for their operation. A common event for casinos these days are charity games. Most of the cities do this by holding bingo games and charitable games with raffle draws. A governing body for these events was also formed so the objective for charity events will always be fulfilled.

Gambling games via the internet is also called off shore games. The gambling games held online are the worst kind since it can be available to many players. This is also worst because the laws cannot take so much hold and catch offenders. There should be new laws to watch out for the games online since there are many ways to evade the rules by playing online games. Another issue being tackled is the new form of game package complete with having to come on a cruise. There are many people joining these cruises and there are many law offenders since laws for gambling on cruises have not yet been finished thoroughly.

The government’s role in enforcing laws on the gambling industry is a strong responsibility. This responsibility entails hard work but that is the consequence since this industry generates so much income for the country.

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